I love acting. If you have a cool project in mind, feel free to contact me.  I also do voice-overs.

Background: I trained to be an actor in New York at both the Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre (Meisner technique) and The School for Film and Television (now called NYCDA, I believe) and have acted in numerous independent films, done voice-overs for major videogames as well some mainstream work in film and television. (Full Resume (as well as current pictures) here.)

Videos: Here are a few things I like best (likely because they’re fairly recent).

My Vine “Craigslist Gems” videos (showcasing absurd posts on Craigslist). Sometimes I do these as a character, other times as myself. (The videos are also on YouTube.)

“That Power PARODY”  (by Josh Rimer)

“Clients From Hell Video” (by Bruce Blaydon)

“The Stereotypical Gay – Babysitter” (by Josh Rimer)

“Finding People With Similar Interests on Twitter” – 59sec

“To Steve on March 17” – 1min16sec

Rise and Shine Ministries” – 4min20sec

“Passion” – 1min21sec
(Warning, sound sucks on this. Bump up your volume, before watching)

To Agent John” – 1min11sec
Made for a Cisense campaign (for Capulet Communications) (see information about this campaign on the Cisense blog.)

1min Demo Reel

Short Films I wrote and acted in: (no budget, as you can tell):

Hep B” – 5min17sec
A short comedic film about a strange encounter at a bus stop (2006)

That Night” – 6min17sec
A short suspense film about a police interrogation (2006) “Claire’s sister is missing. Who’s to blame?”

Just for Fun

Get Ready for This” – 58sec
Extreme bad dancing (I was replicating how I danced in the 80’s, I think…)

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