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Monica Hamburg is a social media consultant.  Creative, dynamic and knowledgeable, Monica has a reputation for working hard and delivering great results for her clients.   She is passionate about social media and about connecting businesses with their consumers.

She’s worked on many campaigns and contests since she began consulting in 2007 and her experience includes projects (independently and within a team) for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Forest Ethics, Lipton,  Soyaworld/Earth’s Own and others.

Outside of consulting, Monica is also a devout evangelist for her industry, presenting about social media at numerous events and conferences, co-organizing Third Tuesday Vancouver (from 2008 to 2010) and writing for several publications, including OneDegree.ca.

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She aims with each project to educate her clients about the workings of social media, so they are able to understand and use the tools to better connect with their clients.

Monica was named one of “Vancouver’s Social Media Innovators” in BC Business and has been profiled and interviewed in Backbone Magazine, The Georgia Straight, The Vancouver Sun, 24hrs and Canadian Living (among others).

She also has a wicked sense of humor.

(Can’t tell from this bio? This was the business version.  There’s also this.  And you are welcome to follow me (er, I mean her) on Twitter: @monicahamburg

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