Social Media Audit & Twitter Workshop

Social Media Radified

You’re doing social media – but are you doing it well?

By now, every business has heard about “this Social Media thing”. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+, Foursquare – the ways to market your business and communicate with your customers are certainly available – and growing in complexity daily.

The missing link is perspective and evaluation. That’s where we come in. Stephanie Michelle Scott and I provide that independent second look at the social media efforts of your business and provide you with a Social Media Audit.

Want  to delve deeper?  We can create a unique and targeted Social Media Strategy: a report which offers detailed campaign suggestions/options so you can effectively use social media to meet your goals and business objectives.

The Parlour:

Twitter Parlour: Twitter for Business Workshop  

We also run a fun and informative workshop to help you learn how to effectively use Twitter for Business.


    • demystify Twitter and give you tangible, real life examples so you can get on the Twitter bandwagon with confidence
    • teach you how to beef up your marketing efforts, and ultimately grow your online presence.


“The Twitter workshop opened my eyes to a whole new way of doing business. Terrific advice on how to best use twitter to create new business.”

Steve Rosenberg , Founder and Instructor, Pull Focus Films

“Before coming to the ‘Twitter for Business Workshop: in the Twitter Parlour’ I did not even know where to begin and was feeling like I would never catch up. Now that I have been through the workshop I am confident that I can not only get started with Twitter but have tools that will guide me in using it effectively in my business. Monica and Stephanie were enthusiastic, supportive and very patient clearly wanting to make sure that the material was understood! I am grateful to have been directed to their workshop, it made a difference for me!”

Shawn Matheny, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Alliance

About Us


Monica Hamburg (aka @monicahamburg) Creative, dynamic and knowledgeable, Monica has a reputation for working hard and delivering great results for her clients.  She is a devout evangelist for her industry, presenting at numerous events and conferences and contributing her insight, often with humor, to publications and blogs, including the digital marketing magazine “One Degree”.She has been profiled and interviewed in BC Business, The Georgia Straight, The Vancouver Sun, 24hrs and Backbone Magazine.

Stephanie Michelle Scott
(aka @WildfireEffect) runs  Stephanie Michelle Scott (aka @WildfireEffect)
Lead Strategist at Wildfire Effect Consulting, Stephanie guides creative companies as they develop an integrated social media strategy and engaging targeted content.  She’s also the Director of Communications for the Social Media Club – Vancouver chapter, and the 1st appointed Social Media Officer for British Columbia’s Toastmasters.

The Twitter workshop is interesting, interactive and can address your unique questions.

Topics include:

  • Twitter: What is it good for?
  • Getting Set-up: Creating a compelling profile and generating content.
  • Growing Your Following: Building your following and engaging followers.
  • Twitter & Marketing: Adding social media to your marketing mix.
  • Best Practices: What works? Real life examples, cautions, and what not to do

Get personalized training from two experienced and fun social media strategists.

Learn how to attract the community you crave and keep them engaged by creating interesting content.

Please contact us to discuss a session at your company.

Call 604-723-2778 or email sm @ wildeffect (dot) com

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