7 Tips to Improve How You Engage on Twitter and Facebook

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Yay! Glad you want to improve!

Below are the 7 most common mistakes made on Twitter and Facebook. (If you received a postcard in the mail, just find the number for your specific tip.)

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Common mistakes on Twitter

#1 Broadcasting: Part of social interactions is listening and responding. You quickly tire of someone who spends all his/her time talking about his/her achievements – and so does everyone else. You become more interesting to follow if you engage others and spend very little of your time talking to others and promoting what they do. In that way, you become part of a community – one that that really whats to share ideas, appreciation of things they like, opinions etc. You can promote yourself – but keep that to a minimum.

#2 Incomplete Profile: The profile section is found in settings, under your name. By taking the time to craft a description telling the world about your interests and goals for Twitter, you take the 1st step to attract a relevant and like-minded community! A link to your website (or even a specific landing page) and your location helps this community learn more about you as well as assess if you will be interesting to follow and engage with.

#3 Retweet Addict: RT (Retweet) or a MRT (modified RT) is a good way to share something from someone else with your followers/community. But everything in moderation. If all you do is RT, you’re not contributing anything of your own and you don’t seem discriminating about what you’re sharing with your network. Try RTing amongst the other things you do – such as commenting, engaging in conversations in your network and sharing your information, finds and opinions. And when you do RT – provide some context (e.g. remark on why you appreciate the tweet posted.) Doing so brings this platform to a new and satisfying level.

Common mistakes on Facebook

#4 Standard page lacking style: Just because you can cross-post to Facebook from Twitter and other platforms doesn’t mean you should. What makes a Facebook platform interesting and engaging is when it not  an aforethought but a real area of interactivity. So remember not just to auto-post from your blog/Twitter or other.  And check out and respond to comments – these tend to be from people who want to engage with you and your company – which is a great thing!  Also:

  • Keep in mind that Facebook is best for “siloed” content – people on Facebook don’t like leaving Facebook to consume content. So provide content that keeps people within Facebook (text, questions, pictures, Youtube videos, audio you can click on Facebook to hear etc.) and, hence, engaged on the platform.

#5 Low engagement level: The Facebook platform broadcasts interaction between people: Every like, comment, event, photo tag. But your material won’t circulate well if you post it on your wall and it does not receive any interraction (no “likes” or comments, or shares). So, it is in your best interest to encourage interaction. Post content that is interesting – and not just singularly to you – but more broadly. Posting something you think is intriguing, amazing, funny, or somehow share-worthy – whether it’s something you create or the work of others. Also:  sharing the interesting bits about your company, business and industry as well as asking questions and providing insight are good ways to stand out from your competition.

  • Remember: don’t expect people to do too much. Asking people to responding to something that requires a relatively simple answer is better than expecting that they provide an essay… And do a few things to see what works best – it’s different for everyone. Getting people to contribute isn’t always easy but if you’re persistent and creative, you can make it happen – and it will be satisfying.

#6 Incomplete Info section: How can your Facebook Fans contact you if they want to – and where can find you elsewhere? In many cases Facebook is a result of a referral from someone in your network and can be the first point of contact for someone new. Why not make it easier to contact you and locate your website? Don’t expect people to do detective work…

  • If this was the Yellow Pages you wouldn’t think twice about adding your company phone number, a quick description of what you offer, links to your website, Twitter, Linkedin or promotions. So, why isn’t it on your information page? Make sure you make it easy for people to find you – because that’s what you want. Isn’t it?

#7 Not active. If you don’t post frequently (at least a few times a week), you lose momentum, people think you’re not around and you lose relevancy in searches. You probably frequently come across things that are interesting or insightful – so stay active!

  • To become a better tweeter, try addressing some of the tips above.  (For more suggestions, see the bottom of the post for links.)

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