One-track Mind

December 19, 2008 at 3:13 pm 2 comments

I’m beginning to get something of a one-track mind myself.

It’s all about contests, though, so not nearly as salacious as it could be…

Bear Your Soul Contest - Screenshot So, first of all, I’ve been running the “Bear Your Soul” contest on Flickr.  It’s been a great deal of fun – and also impressive to see the 230 beautiful photos submitted.  We have decided on the finalists now, so please go and vote for your favorite on the Save the Great Bear site.  (You can also sign the online petition at

chips-not-dead-yet-memelabs-contest Then my friends at MemeLabs told me about their cool contest for Vancouverites. Background: Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile is a one-mile uphill race run in themed waves. The second annual Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile is scheduled to take place on June 20, 2009, with all proceeds going to the BC Children’s Hospital. Contest: “[T]his time, memelabs and Chip’s Not Dead Yet want Vancouver to come up with its own idea for a theme wave. Got an urge to run like a cowboy? To join a swiftly moving team of Elvises? To canter in a herd of centaurs? Pull your camera out, and make it happen! We’re holding a video contest—best theme wave idea wins.” You could win $1000, or a monthly prize pack. Enter, find out more information about the contest and/or the Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile on

The Mortgage Dude:  I’ll soon be running  a contest (with help from Strutta) for my wonderful partner (warning, autoplay company video on his page 🙂 ) I might be combining this with a whole social media campaign for him (which should tie in nicely with the Media2o prize we recently won).  Thanks again, Media2o!)  Of course, this is a man who will often cut me off when I try to explain what Twitter or blogging is because he thinks he can explain the tremendous business appeal more succinctly, but then never uses it himself.  (Love you, hon!)  So I may have my work cut out for me.

I have also been working on some promotion for the DreamBank and Jiibe contests (as per my previous post). Most of the other contests I mentioned in that post are also still running (for the record, the open ones are Give a Better Life ,John Chow and, Jiibe Connection and The DreamBank Giving and Getting Survey.)

So now perhaps you understand why, amongst all my other bizarre dreams (like the one about my father riding a Kangaroo through Washington, D.C.), I now even have ones about contests…  Perhaps I’ll try hypnosis over the holidays.


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