I love you! Why won’t you come to me…

January 8, 2008 at 5:57 am 1 comment

Dear Makers of Ambient Umbrella (er, I guess that would be Ambient),umbrelladetails-pic.png

As you know, here is just a brief description of your awesome product:

“If rain is forecast, the handle of this umbrella glows so you won’t forget it. The Ambient Umbrella continuously displays forecast data for 150 U.S. locations.

Embedded in the handle is Ambient’s wireless data-radio. This chip receives accuweather.com data and pulses when rain is forecast.”

And it gets data for what? Oh, U.S. locations…

Why do you torment me so? I live in Vancouver, B.C. In Canada. You make an UMBRELLA and don’t market it to a city oft referred to as “Raincouver”?! I think we had 45 consecutive days of rain last year (hey, maybe I don’t need one of these devices, after all… Maybe just instaling an umbrella to my stomach or in some Inspector Gadget Manner would solve my problem entirely…)

In any case, you’re missing a wonderful target demographic….

Now, almost 125 bucks may be a little steep for me personally (unless the device comes with some sort of handcuff device to keep me from losing it) – but hey, one day, drunk and rained-on, I’d give in.

I have have a credit card after all…


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I’ll Tell You What I Want – What I Really, Really Want Thank you, Netchick!

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  • 1. monicahamburg  |  January 8, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    I received the following reply from Ambient. Very gracious and detailed. Fingers crossed.


    Dear Monica ,

    Products from Ambient Devices, such as the Ambient Stock Orb or Five Day
    Weather Forecaster, currently are only sold by US retailers and depend on
    signals from the Ambient Information Network, a wireless network in the United
    States. Before Ambient Devices products can be widely used in Canada, we will
    have to partner with a Canadian wireless service provider, which we hope to do
    in the coming months.

    If you would like to be notified of the availability of our service in Canada,
    please sign up for our “Ambient Devices in Canada” mailing list at

    Locations in Canada that are within about 15 km of US population centers, such
    as Windsor, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, or Langley may find that the current US
    signal is sufficiently strong for an Ambient Devices product to operate. If
    you wish to try this option, US retailers including Brookstone (using the
    Borderfree service,
    http://www.brookstone.com/service/service.asp?cust_serv_id=250 ) and Thinkgeek
    ( http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/5da2/ ) will ship Ambient
    Devices products to Canada. We cannot guarantee service coverage in these
    areas, and these devices currently produced for use in the US will probably
    never work throughout Canada. However, we have had enough interest from
    Canadian customers that we mention the option.

    – Amber, Customer Support

    Ambient Devices Customer Support


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